Education Options For Children With Special Needs

A child with special needs and learning disabilities is someone who is different developmentally and formatively from normal children. This is either due to a physical, mental, or emotional handicap, a formative delay, or a particular learning disability.

Nowadays, a lot of educational allowances are accessible to families in order to assist them with the extraordinary costs of giving special educational or related services to children with special needs. This, very often could include a very gifted child with certain physical and mental disabilities.

Assessment of developmental problems

Kids with developmental problems are entitled to educational evaluations as part of the medical clearance process. No sooner has it been suspected than parents ought to describe the child’s developmental problems on their medical history form.

This is so that evaluation and treatment plans of the childs educational needs may be devised early in the child’s life. Experts, with special education degrees, in the field emphasize the importance of early intervention.

Children with learning problems ought not to be considered abnormal. They just have a different way for handling information. The solution lies in parents and teachers finding out what the childs processing system is as it helps the kids compensate with their strengths. Since developmental problems affect several aspects of a child’s physical and psychological health, oftentimes the assessments are extensive.

The assessment of a child having trouble in school could include an educational evaluation as well as the special needs of a child such as speech, hearing, and neurological examinations, plus a series of psychiatric interviews.

Processing a childs developmental problem

If developmental problem is suspected when parents are abroad, the family should have the child examined by a Regional Medical Officer, Regional Psychiatrist, or Nurse Practitioner. Parents also ought to get written reports from a school so that the problem can be fully understood.

It is unlikely that a full assessment will be completed immediately. The complications of the issues often call for a multi-specialty approach. This is why evaluations are usually done. However, a medical evacuation is not normally required.

After the assessment is done, the child will be cleared to return to post. Then the school at post will have the benefit of the childs specific educational recommendations in trying to develop a program for the child. However, before the child is cleared for an onward post, a letter from the proposed new school will is required.

When making a clearance decision for the child, assessors and the Medical Division often consider the appropriateness of boarding school placement or home study options or online special education courses.

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Learning Is Easy With Special Education Aids And Products

We all remember how it felt to be a child and how, as a child, we sometimes felt like school is too difficult to handle. Most of us managed to finish it and, as grown-ups we don’t understand what made it seem so complicated then. But for some children, school is indeed too tricky and learning practically impossible. The real problem is the fact that there are more than 6 million children and young persons estimated to be suffering from disabilities and each and every one of them needs to go through a special education process. This term, special education” refers to unconventional education services and special education aids designed to cater for the needs of children suffering from physical and mental challenges. This includes particular learning techniques, particular education products and particular lesson plans.

What can be more disturbing for a parent than knowing that his or her child doesn’t have the same chances for a normal life as everyone else? (And all because they suffer from a disability of some sort.) Sometimes, these children and their parents are dealing with physical and mental drawbacks such as physical handicaps, sensory (visual and hearing) impairments, intellectual capacity (mental retardation and autism), learning disabilities (reading and writing skills), speech impairment or even behavior disorders. All of these children have few chances to be integrated in society without special attention and a lot of effort from parents who often feel powerless.

The special education process has to begin with a request for evaluation from a parent or a teacher of the child. This is the first step and perhaps the most important, because it means that there could be a problem with the child and knowing about it makes it easier to deal with. The next step is finding out the results of the test and either way, it can only help the child, because if he has a problem, then a team of professionals will decide which special education aids are best suited to be used. If the child doesn’t have a problem, the evaluation can still provide important information about the child and the ways he learns best. If the result of the evaluation is that the child suffers from a learning disability, then the team of experts will make up an Individualized Education Program (IEP) which will contain all the special education aids, learning techniques and special education products best suited for that child. From case to case, the child may be taken to a special education centre where he can receive the special education aids he needs.

For a child suffering from a learning disorder, dyslexia or ADD, the traditional school system can prove itself to be quite powerless and ineffective. This is why children with special needs must be provided with special education aids and special teachers. Only trained professionals are able to design teaching methods and educational techniques for students of all ages, with mild to profound disabilities and that may vary depending upon the child’s nature, age, and the extremeness and type of disability. It is very important that the special education aids include learning techniques and lesson plans in order to prepare students to function independently and to master skills, to build and support social competence, and to help children and their families lead a problem free life.

It is important that the special lesson plans are made for each child separately in order to suit individuals. The plans are to be made in consultation with physical therapists, counselors, doctors, occupational therapists, psychiatrists, and social workers, all professionals that can have the wider perspective on the child’s situation. Also very important are the education products chosen to be used in the special education process. There are a lot of special education products that can really simplify the teacher’s work: materials designed to improve reading and writing, or certain subjects, such as math, materials designed to improve life skills. Books, videos, special needs software and teacher resources are other special education products.

It must be remembered the fact that a child suffering from a learning disability is not lost for society and he can lead a normal happy life just like all the individuals of his age. With the proper care and attention from his family, with the proper instructors and doctors that use the best special education products, almost any child suffering from a learning disability can grow up to have a successful life.

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Advance Your Career With Online Special Education Degree

Over the last couple of years the demand for qualified educators has increased rapidly and in coming years expected to increase more. Today education is an extremely rewarding career field and expected to see a major projection growth toward the end of this decade. If you are one of those who are looking to make a career in this teaching field then definitely you are on a right track. You can be a college professor, high school teacher or special education instructor with a degree in special education. Moreover, if you are already involved in this teaching profession and wish to advance your career in the education leadership, a special education degree is a necessity.

These days many educational institutes and schools are requesting their educational staffs to take special education courses in order to refine and improve their instructional strategies. In fact in many primary & secondary schools, and colleges, obtaining a special education degree is turning out to be basic requirement to be an administrator. Many of the employed teaching professionals, who are looking forward to advance their career to leadership roles like principal or dean, also prefer special education courses. Unquestionably, special education program is emerging as one of the most convenient and efficient ways to enjoy great career opportunities in the field of education.

Benefits of Online Special Education Degree

Today there are many online and traditional universities that are offering online degrees in special education that enable you to earn a degree at your convenience. Getting an online degree in education is even convenient and flexible option. The great advantage of selecting online special education course is that it is less expensive than a normal degree. Besides this, the major benefit of distance learning special education course is – you do not have to complete your course in a water-tight study schedule. You can easily study at your own speed and appear for exams when you think you are ready. Apart from this, this online special education program also helps you improve your ability to support students as well as create successful learning environments.

Beware of Fake Online Special Education Degree

You need to be very careful in searching and selecting your online special education degree program, make sure you choose the online degree in education from a prestige and reputable online university. These days many online universities are offering online degrees in education but you must take note that some of the online colleges offer course on a fraudulent basis. In addition, many online colleges may offer you many attractive offers such a very nominal fee but with no course work structure. Even if online colleges claim to be accredited, you must check if they are accredited by an unrecognized accrediting agency. There are many accrediting bodies that are not recognized by the state; and getting an online degree from such universities is a waste of time and money as the degree is not considered eligible.

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Organization: The Key To A Successful School Year

Organization is the key to keeping your head above water during the school year. Its especially important for special education teachers. There are really three separate areas that need to be organized: legal documents and files, completed work and assigned work. How you handle the case files is often dictated by your school district. So, lets take a look at the last two areas–assigned work and completed work.


I teach middle school students, grades 4-8, with a very wide spectrum of disabilities, ranging from the level of an infant to students capable of doing 1st, 2nd, or 3rd grade work. Nobody in class is assigned exactly the same work. Each of the programs is extremely individualized. If I didn’t have an organizational plan in place, I’d be in total chaos.

I use a crate system. To use this system you will need one plastic crate and enough hanging file folders to have one for each student. The file folders are labeled with student names. The crate is kept in a central location. Inside each file folder you will put work for the student to do. I like to create packets of similar subjects (single-digit adding, etc.) that will last the student at least two weeks. The students can determine which subject they want to start with on any given day. This builds in a choice-making activity, which my students need to practice.

I wouldn’t recommend giving each student a notebook of assigned work because, if they’re anything like my students, they will rush through it and end up with nothing to do on Friday. And, since the notebooks only held work for one week at a time, I spent part of every weekend at school getting the next week’s work together. Yuck!

I also tried passing out assignments on a daily basis. This worked ok until I got more than a few students in my class. No matter how many students I had, the papers tended to be stuffed into desks and lockers or mysteriously disappear. In the end it was too much extra work.

Of all the systems for organizing student work, the crate system really meets all of my needs. I like the fact that it’s portable and that the responsibility for assigning work is not left only to me. My assistants are able to assign work that I have “pre-approved,” so to speak.


My students are required to do a portfolio assessment for NCLB since they can’t do the standard test even with accommodations. So, in order to make sure I’d have enough work samples to create a good portfolio, I became a pack rat. I’d save every piece of student work in a pile on my desk until the end of a given data period, which was usually about 10 weeks long. Don’t try this method.

Despite good intentions, I never quite got to picking work to include in the portfolio until at least the middle of the year. I made sure I had the data, but the way in which I went about it was a headache. I decided to do it right–pick days, in advance, on which to collect data for the portfolios. I then keep only that set of work samples. Everything else gets sent home and my desk is clear.

To do this you will need one 3″ binder and 2-pocket folders (one folder for each student). The folders go into the binder. After you collect the data on your data days, just put the work into the right folder and save it. At the end of the year, transfer all of the work into individual binders that will be sent to the state for evaluation. Simple.

What’s my solution for making sure work gets home every day? It’s really basic.

Here’s what to do. Get as many heavy duty magnetic clips at the store as you need–one for each student. The magnets need to be heavy duty, otherwise they won’t hold well without sliding. Each student’s name is put on a clip. I use a label maker to make name labels, so I can reuse the clips with different students each year.

Draw a vertical line about a yard from the end of the white board. At the top write “Work To Go Home”. Put the clips in this area. They are the only things that should be in that area.

When work is finished and corrected, it goes on the appropriate clip. I have my students take responsibility for hanging things on their clips. They learn to locate their own names, and read the names of other classmates. Squeezing the clip is also a good OT exercise. At the end of the day, it’s the students’ responsibility to get the work off the clips and into the backpacks.

Having the clips in a central location also acts as a reminder all day long. And, everyone in the room knows what needs to go home, so if a student forgets to check the clip, any number of people (including other students) will remind him or her.

I’m sure there are many other organizational systems to manage student work: cubby boxes, mailboxes, magazine racks attached to the wall, etc. When it comes down to it, no one organizational system will work for everyone and you’ll have to do a lot of experimenting and tweaking until you find one that fits exactly right for you.

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Gain A Degree In Special Education And Help Those Special Kids

To put children who are challenged and have special needs into the mainstream classrooms is not really an intelligent thing to do. Children with special needs require teachers with a special education degree. Professionals with a special education degree are rare these days and many administrators are finding it hard to recruit and hire these specially qualified teachers. There is a very desperate need for professionals who understand the various learning styles requires these for students who have learning disabilities. For anyone considering studying for such a degree a special education degree itself, will almost certainly guarantee long-term employment.

Teaching, as it is, is already a very difficult and demanding job and the difficulty increases greatly when teaching those who have learning disabilities such as dyslexia. Students who have behaviour problems like Attention Deficit or Hyperactivity Disorder can take a massive toll on a regular classroom curriculum and need to be taught separately keeping their condition in mind. Among the diverse population of students who have special needs includes children with autistic disorder. This puzzling disorder makes it pretty much impossible for some of these children to function in a regular classroom.

Regular and traditional teachers cannot be expected to impart the required quality of education in the learning support classes due to lack of knowledge which is necessary to help these sometimes very challenging students. Only teachers who have a special education degree have the knowledge necessary to help these students meet their individual academic goals. A teacher needs to have training on how to use the latest teaching strategies to help this diverse population learn to its greatest capacity possible. And to ensure that they receive as much of a chance in life as any other child.

The strategies required for teaching challenging students are quite different than the ones used in the traditional classroom. Once a teacher has earned a special education degree, he is properly trained to help such students learn to their greatest capacity. These unique strategies are effective in helping nearly any student function well in the classroom setting.

There are a good number of different programs available for anyone who wants to earn a special education degree. Many of the courses can be taken online in the comfort of your own home and at your convenience.

A teacher with a special education degree becomes an asset for the school by enhancing its reputation and is thus sought after by many school systems across the United States.

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